Erotic Art



Hi! Here we are again and here I am again! And I know where I am! Fantastic right? It sure is! I'm Candice, of course! And together we are going to review Gaira's Vorefilm!

What do you mean, what's Vore? Oh don't be so silly! Wait you really don't know? Oh my! Let's go inside right now! Hurry up!

Vore is simply the erotic eating frenzy of creatures that ride upon your horrific appetite and the things they eat! Or, maybe it's the people they try to eat? Hmm... Well, its more about excitement, your heart beating and your body heating up as you watch all the kicking and screaming and the terror! Lots of it. Did I mention terror? Oh yes! I did, thank you!

Gaira takes you for the ride in this very fantastical world of scary things, hunting and trying to swallow whole, and odd but they stop screaming so terrifyingly and start moaning! Its the pressure upon all those lovely lil bits and as they writhe about, well it just gets more more you know! Well, hurry up now, you dont want to miss the stills and the movies. The colorful splashes of horrific erotica are just awesome!

He walks into his office to start a normal workday. The young man sees the huge plant sitting next to his desk thinking the thing is huge. As he reaches out to grab the back of his chair, a vine snaps out to wrap around his wrist. In moments, more vines come out wrapping around his body to pull him toward the large, cavernous mouth of the killer plant. Going head first, he is consumed in minutes leaving nothing but a pair of shoes and the man's hat. The plant sits in the corner waiting for its next victim. shivers looking around at the dark corners Let's hope those plants don't notice us… Did you see the way he didn't stand a chance?


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